Online Teaching

A massive open online course (MOOC) is an online course aimed at unlimited participation and open access via the web. Shanghaitech University is committed to creating high-quality MOOCs, which can be shared with the society. Currently, CITL is in charge of creating Shanghaitech MOOCs, with the joint efforts of the Office of Academic Affairs, the Library and IT Services as well as schools and institutes. Several MOOCs have already been launched at till now.

Affected by coronavirus (Covid-19), ShanghaiTech adopted several teaching modes, including teaching live online, recording lecture videos, using existing MOOC videos and hybrid-type during the first half of 2020, during which MOOC played an important role. Shanghaitech official MOOC website ( brings together the excellent MOOCs available for teachers and students anytime and anywhere. The Micro-lecture Room, Interactive Recording Room, high-precision blackboard tracking video and broadcast classroom and multimedia production center can ensure the shooting quality of various types of MOOCs. Shanghaitech will continue to explore creating featured MOOCs to promote teaching reform and teaching with technology.

Principles of Neurobiology

Analysis Techniques in Materials Science Experiment

Introduction to Economics